ITOC3 – 2016


CDDF is back from a successful third Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference (ITOC3). More than 500 delegates joined in Munich last March to benefit from an excellent scientific programme comprised of an international faculty.

The ITOC conference is the leading international European meeting organized by the Cancer Drug Development Forum (CDDF) in collaboration with the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC).

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It aims at providing a forum for all professionals working in immunotherapy to discuss early clinical drug development and address its unique challenges.

Scientific Programme

The programme focused on topics such as new insights into the basics of tumour immunology, emerging therapeutic concepts, new perspectives for anti-cancer vaccines, combination therapy, biomarkers, oncolytic viruses, and cell therapy.

The scientific programme was completed with:

  • Three sponsored satellite symposia:
    ‘Broadening the horizon of Immuno-Oncology in 2016: What Happens at Bench and Bedside?’ – Bristol-Meyers Squibb
    ‘Advancing Immunotherapy in Lymphoid Malignancies’ – Celgene
    ‘Enhancing Cancer Immunotherapy: A Dialogue Between the Laboratory and the Clinic’ – Roche
  • Nine poster sessions which tackled topics such as immune regulation, preclinical models, co-stimulatory agonists and co-inhibitory antagonists, immunogenomics, therapeutic modulation of immune checkpoints, combination therapy, anti-cancer vaccines, engineered T-cell therapy, and monitoring of immunotherapy.

The ITOC3 Organising Committee wishes to gratefully acknowledge our sponsors for supporting the 3rd Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference.

Please view more about ITOC3 programme:

Poster Awards

CDDF wishes to congratulate the three winners of the ITOC3 poster awards (awards kindly sponsored by the Munich Tumor Center):

  • Winner – S. Heidegger, W. Alexander, D. Kreppel, M. Bscheider, S. Bek, J. Fischer, M. Schmickl, J. Ruland, C. Peschel, T. Haas, H. Poeck
    Poster: ‘Activation of the cytosolic RNA receptor RIG-I in tumor and immune cells triggers efficient anti-tumor immunity and synergizes with checkpoint blockade’
  • Runner-up – A. Tuccitto, O. Kuchuk, D. Citterio, V. Beretta, F. Rini, A. Cova, V. Huber, M. Milione, A. Villa, B. Vergani, P. Squarcina, D. Giardiello, L. Mariani, V. Mazzaferro, L. Rivoltini, C. Castelli
    Poster: ’Hypoxic/acidic tumour microenvironment could be linked to inflammatory/suppressive cells and may induce an aggressive phenotype in human hepatocellular carcinoma’
  • Third Place – D. Brech, M. Irmler, J. Beckers, T. Straub, F. Buettner, E. Schaeffeler, M. Schwab, E. Noessner
    Poster: ‘Profiling a unique human myeloid cell type in renal cell carcinoma reveals promising targets for therapeutic repolarization’

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Abstract book

European Journal of Cancer (EJC)
Volume 55, Supplement 1, March 2016

View the Abstract Book online

Accreditation for Continuous Medical Education (CME)

The 3rd Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference, Munich, Germany (21-23 March 2016), has been granted 13 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).
European Accreditation is granted by the EACCME in order to allow participants who attend the above mentioned activity to validate their credits in their own country. Further information:
The German Further Medical Training Certificate of Attendance (BLÄK) is available for this conference as well.

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